Sewing to help: School Kit Bags

New Normal: School Kits for Refugees

I was having a conversation with my brother this fall and we got to the topic of sewing things for different causes. I love that there are groups that work to provide pillowcases and blankets for hurting people. I think I mentioned that I’d like to know what to do when I see fabric on sale or if I have a lot of extra fabric from a project.

He works for Mennonite Central Committee and mentioned that one of the things they provide in their relief work are school kits for kids. One part of the school kit is a handmade drawstring bag.

These bags are real simple and it looks like you could get three bags out of one yard of fabric depending on how the fabric is cut.

There are a variety of kits that MCC creates if you are interested in helping out. These would be a good idea for an outreach through your church or a similar group.




Changes may be coming. Someday.

I had a post saved on my iPad and I’m not quite sure where it went, so I’ll add this one until I find it.

Just a quick check-in. No pictures or new projects finished.

I am pretty excited though because I have some fun things happening here on the blog and at home. Two years ago I signed up with Stampin’ Up! to get a consultant kit. The nice thing is they let you do a hobby kit, where you get the products at the discount but you don’t have to run a business.

I signed up when I was just finding out I was pregnant with Adelynn and I was also working part-time for David’s Bridal, so I really didn’t have any time to do anything beyond a hobby.

Over the last two years I know that I need to be more involved in the creative world. I’m pretty sure that is pretty evident in how my posts have changed. I like sewing and creating projects and helping people have fun with crafts and sewing.

So, next week I am signing up again as a Stampin’ Up! consultant. I hope to have some classes going and maybe do some parties here and there. I don’t want to have huge expectations, but I’d really enjoy to see something come from that.

Also, I’ve finally figured out a new name for my blog! I’m not revealing it yet since I’d like to have a new design and actually buy the domain. I’m excited about it and I think it’ll fit my current direction nicely. My question to anyone who might be reading this is, do you know a good designer I can work with? I’d like to stay on WordPress, so finding someone that works with this platform would be good.

I’m looking forward to these changes and hopefully I can get some implemented soon. I’ll keep you posted!

Grandparent Gift Idea

One of the advantages of having secret boards on Pinterest is that now my sister-in-law and I can scheme about what our kids will give the grandparents each year.

There are four grandkids currently, so when we saw this we knew it would be perfect.

My brother and his family happened to come visit us in November so we took the chance to get a picture of each girl and then I worked on putting it together.

Here’s what my mom opened on Christmas Day:

New Normal: Grandparent Gift

The only picture I took of it was from my phone! I printed each letter out and then we ordered the girls in age order (which also happened to alternate sibling sets). You could really do anything with this and I think the original one we saw had just two kids alternating. I ended up finding the frame at Michaels. It is about the only store that has a frame with a 4-picture mat. So strange.

I also had them printed in black and white to give some continuity, so it really didn’t matter if these were taken at the same time or not. For the record, it took 45 pictures to get these four and two kids aren’t even looking at the camera.

Such a great easy gift that can be used for any time of the year!

Scrappy Letters

I’m adding to the projects I’ve finished from Pinterest. This time it was a custom order to match the quilt I made for my friend in November.

We both saw cute letters of the alphabet made from scrap fabric. So she ordered a set for Christmas and wanted to use the same fabric that I used for her quilt.

I really liked how they turned out and if I ever catch up on my GIANT list of projects I’d like to finish, I’ll make a set for the girls.

Here is the whole complete set of letters.



The complete tutorial is found at Happy Together and is super easy. I used flannel for the back to give it softness. I sandwiched it like a normal quilt and then sewed along the lines that I traced. I added 2-3 quilted lines inside the letters and then cut them out with pinking shears. I don’t know if I just have really old pinking shears or if they aren’t made to cut through that much material, but it was pretty hard and I may find a different way to finish them next time (or get new scissors!).

Here is an up-close of the letters.


I didn’t have time to wash them, but if you did they would be nice and crinkly. From what I’ve seen on facebook, the little recipient has been leaving them in a trail all over her house.


Hello 2013!

Looking at when I last posted I realized that just about when I was getting ready for my parents to visit for Christmas, I stopped blogging. I did take pictures the rest of the month, I still haven’t downloaded them to my computer yet! Oh well. I did better than last year. 

I feel like we turned the calendar to November and then all of the sudden I was getting ready for our New Year’s Eve party. With Thanksgiving, a funeral, parties, dog sitting, and family coming to visit December flew by. 

The girls had fun at Christmas. We had a great time on the Santa Express Train and I would recommend it to anyone in the area. 

Just wanted to check in and try to keep up whatever streak I had in December. I have a bunch to catch up on so maybe in the newness of January I can regroup here and get some regular blogging into my schedule.