When I first started blogging I didn’t have a “blog identity”. I kept playing around with my theme and the title for my blog. The more I blogged the more I felt like I needed something definite to identify with.

In August of 2006, my husband and I lost our first daughter. She was a full-term stillbirth. The months following held a lot of emotions and a lot of questions. The first thing I did was read any information I could find about stillbirths and grieving losses. The common theme that came out of that reading was the concept of establishing a “new normal” in your life.

When you have change in your life you build a set of expectations. Anticipating a child had a idea in our minds about what our life would be like. With the loss of our daughter we fell headfirst into a “normal” pattern of grief and continuing to live our everyday life. We found our new normal.

I noticed that loss isn’t the only thing that brings a different normalcy to live and I now find that our family is constantly finding a “new normal”. Fifteen months after the loss of our first daughter we welcomed our second daughter and the cycle is starting over again.