Changes may be coming. Someday.

I had a post saved on my iPad and I’m not quite sure where it went, so I’ll add this one until I find it.

Just a quick check-in. No pictures or new projects finished.

I am pretty excited though because I have some fun things happening here on the blog and at home. Two years ago I signed up with Stampin’ Up! to get a consultant kit. The nice thing is they let you do a hobby kit, where you get the products at the discount but you don’t have to run a business.

I signed up when I was just finding out I was pregnant with Adelynn and I was also working part-time for David’s Bridal, so I really didn’t have any time to do anything beyond a hobby.

Over the last two years I know that I need to be more involved in the creative world. I’m pretty sure that is pretty evident in how my posts have changed. I like sewing and creating projects and helping people have fun with crafts and sewing.

So, next week I am signing up again as a Stampin’ Up! consultant. I hope to have some classes going and maybe do some parties here and there. I don’t want to have huge expectations, but I’d really enjoy to see something come from that.

Also, I’ve finally figured out a new name for my blog! I’m not revealing it yet since I’d like to have a new design and actually buy the domain. I’m excited about it and I think it’ll fit my current direction nicely. My question to anyone who might be reading this is, do you know a good designer I can work with? I’d like to stay on WordPress, so finding someone that works with this platform would be good.

I’m looking forward to these changes and hopefully I can get some implemented soon. I’ll keep you posted!


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