Grandparent Gift Idea

One of the advantages of having secret boards on Pinterest is that now my sister-in-law and I can scheme about what our kids will give the grandparents each year.

There are four grandkids currently, so when we saw this we knew it would be perfect.

My brother and his family happened to come visit us in November so we took the chance to get a picture of each girl and then I worked on putting it together.

Here’s what my mom opened on Christmas Day:

New Normal: Grandparent Gift

The only picture I took of it was from my phone! I printed each letter out and then we ordered the girls in age order (which also happened to alternate sibling sets). You could really do anything with this and I think the original one we saw had just two kids alternating. I ended up finding the frame at Michaels. It is about the only store that has a frame with a 4-picture mat. So strange.

I also had them printed in black and white to give some continuity, so it really didn’t matter if these were taken at the same time or not. For the record, it took 45 pictures to get these four and two kids aren’t even looking at the camera.

Such a great easy gift that can be used for any time of the year!


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