Scrappy Letters

I’m adding to the projects I’ve finished from Pinterest. This time it was a custom order to match the quilt I made for my friend in November.

We both saw cute letters of the alphabet made from scrap fabric. So she ordered a set for Christmas and wanted to use the same fabric that I used for her quilt.

I really liked how they turned out and if I ever catch up on my GIANT list of projects I’d like to finish, I’ll make a set for the girls.

Here is the whole complete set of letters.



The complete tutorial is found at Happy Together and is super easy. I used flannel for the back to give it softness. I sandwiched it like a normal quilt and then sewed along the lines that I traced. I added 2-3 quilted lines inside the letters and then cut them out with pinking shears. I don’t know if I just have really old pinking shears or if they aren’t made to cut through that much material, but it was pretty hard and I may find a different way to finish them next time (or get new scissors!).

Here is an up-close of the letters.


I didn’t have time to wash them, but if you did they would be nice and crinkly. From what I’ve seen on facebook, the little recipient has been leaving them in a trail all over her house.



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