Cheerleader Birthday Party


Today we celebrated our daughter’s first birthday! I’m pretty sure I haven’t mentioned her much on here- but I did want to include the fun we had today.

We had a hard time deciding what to do for A’s birthday. We’ve been pretty busy lately so we were going for low key. We are a part of a small group that has 10 kids between the 5 couples, so with just us it can get pretty big.

We settled on having a football party during today’s Bronco game. At first I was not very inspired but after looking through Pinterest I was excited to throw a cheerleader party!

These invitations on Etsy were my starting point for the party. It set a great tone and the seller was great to work with.

Here’s what I ended up with for decorations.

Foam fingers are perfect for a first birthday party. I had this from college and printed her picture to cover up info from homecoming my Junior year. 😉

I got this at Oriental Trading company (along with some other party favors). It was super cheap and fit perfectly on the fireplace.


I turned our bar area into a concessions stand. We popped a bunch of popcorn and the boxes were part the circus decorations from Hobby Lobby.


I also found these great mini-foam finger and pom poms on Oriental trading company. These were the party favors for the kids! I also grabbed some spirit silly bands that were super cute.


On the other side of the bar I had all the rest of the party food. I found a great idea in my friend’s Better Homes and Garden issue for a great way to present the food.

I created a “football field” from kraft paper, tape and printed collegiate numbers to make the yardage. It was a great way to put out the food and perfect for clean-up!


Traditionally, I’ve done cupcakes for parties because they are easy and I love cupcakes. This time I thought I’d try to make a cake. I found a great idea for a megaphone cake on the Family Fun website and went with that. I didn’t use a donut for the handle though. I also stuck with the Number One theme for the decorations on the cake. I loved using the orange and blue and was glad how it turned out.

It was also a Gluten Free cake from Bob’s Red Mill and it was delicious.





I even made a orange and blue tutu for A’s game day wear. She tolerated it and wore it the whole day. Happy Birthday A! We love you!




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