Fun kids gift

Yesterday Isabelle attended her first birthday party where I got to drop her off. I remember reading on Boo Mama’s blog about the first party she dropped her son off at. At her son’s party though, she didn’t expect the drop off scenario. That’s been in the back of my mind ever since for some odd reason, so I checked with the mom at school the day before so it wouldn’t be awkward. 🙂


The point being that we needed to get her a gift. A gift for a little girl that Isabelle has known all of 4 days at school and I think the girl was absent one day. When I RSVP’d I asked what she’d like since we really didn’t have any ideas and I didn’t want to grab a toy that went with the theme since she’d probably get all of the exact same thing from the same store (that store starts with a “T” and ends with “arget”, every suburban mom’s favorite place to be).

Her mom told me that she likes to draw so a journal and pen would be nice. I spent the next couple of thinking about how I could dress up a notepad and pen for a 5 year old and couldn’t really come up with anything. Then, was I was walking through Target looking for something (surprise, surprise), I saw the drawing notepads and I remembered I had something I could make her!

I got home and that night I put together a Drawing Book for her. I found this tutorial on Craft Apple about 6-7 years ago and made a couple then I haven’t made one since. It requires two fat quarters and I just happened to buy a bunch of clearance fabric from Stampin’ Up! I love SU! fabric because it’s a generous fat quarter and it coordinates with all their other products.

So, here’s what became the perfect gift for a 5-year-old girl and I think Isabelle’s friends may be sporting their own books pretty soon.

Here’s the front- I like to give the personal touch with the initial.


This is the Springtime Vintage line from Stampin’ Up! and I liked how it was a little girly but not too old fashioned. (You can get 3  fat quarters for $1.10 right now- that’s seriously amazing. I can get you set up if you want to buy any).

On the inside you have room for a drawing pad and crayons/markers.


The tutorial suggested twistable crayons, which are great! For older kids you could do thin markers, colored pencils, or even graphite pencils if they are going to sketch with it.

The birthday girl really liked it and it’s always fun to put a little extra effort into a gift (even it’s the night before).

Just for fun, here’s what the back looks like when it’s open.

I’m hoping to get some more blogging in soon. I’ve been having a blog identity crisis and have been trying to figure out how to work it best. I think I’m going to get a redesign and maybe even move to a domain name. Before I do that I’m going to change the name of my blog. I don’t really write about loss anymore, there’s a show on tv that I don’t really want to be linked to, and my friend pointed out on facebook how cliche “new normal” was becoming. While I know he wasn’t in any way referring to my blog, I was already starting to feel that way too. 🙂

So, maybe this fall I’ll figure something out and get a good kick start out of it.



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