Step One: Get the paint

This morning I stopped by the stockist in town for ASCP. I have a feeling I’m going to painting a lot of furniture in the near future (or at least thinking about it a lot!). 

This shop was great because besides they had 6×6 wood square samples with each color in a clear wax and an added piece in the dark wax. So you could really see what the colors would look like. 

I went to see what I could get for my desk. Originally I was thinking I would get Paris Grey or Louis Blue. After seeing the samples and talking about the wax. I decided that I only liked Louis Blue with a dark wax, so I am waiting on that until I get some practice applying the wax. 

I ended up getting Duck Egg Blue because I liked it with the clear wax and then I can decide to add the dark wax later if I want. It’s a nice blue green that looks great next to the tan color that I want to paint on the walls in the guest room. 

I was so excited that I got one coat on the front of one drawer to see what it’ll look like. I think it’s going to turn out nice. I need to do some prep work on the desk itself still so I’ll get that going before I can keep painting it. So far I’m just sad I hadn’t found this when I was doing Isabelle’s bed last summer- this would have been perfect for it! 


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