Desk update

Well, I posted that I found that great desk to turn into a vanity/dresser for our guest room and then summer happened!

I haven’t finished it yet, but, I did find a shop in town that actually carries the paint line I want so I’m checking it out tomorrow. Hopefully I’ll find a good color to use and I can get going on it.

In the meantime I think I found another furniture project. My friend is selling is mid-century-ish dresser that I want to use for a sideboard in our dining room. We have no dining linen storage and I would like some drawers for kid art supplies. The dresser has nine drawers so it would be perfect.

I don’t have pictures of that one, but when I get it, I’ll post them.

This time of year is always crazy because everything starts up again that I am involved with- so hopefully I’ll get some time in to work on some projects. I am making myself not start any new sewing projects until I finish my stack of current projects, maybe I should add furniture/home projects to that list too.


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