A little progress

My last post was about the desk I found at a garage sale. I’ve been trying to decide how to proceed with this rehab. I don’t want to rush it and really want to make sure I love the piece when I’m done.

I had a chance last weekend to go to a great antique show and luckily one of the stores that sells Chalk Paint was there! I was glad that they had their paint samples. They also had a sample based on paint with a clear wax and paint with a dark wax.

After checking it all out, here is what I’ve narrowed it down to.

First choice would be Paris Grey with a clear wax.


This is pretty much how it would turn out. The clear wax would be clean and crisp and not look distressed.

My second choice is Louis Blue with dark wax.


The dark wax will actually darken it quite a bit and give it a very distressed look.

Here is an example of Louis Blue without the dark wax. Then here is a desk that looks similar to mine with Paris Grey and some dark for distressing.

What do you think? Any ideas?  I still need to get a picture of the wall color it will be next to. It’s a medium tan so I think those colors would work either way.

p.s. Shades of Amber is a great blog to see examples of the paint in use. Check it out!

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