Crafty Baby Shower

I threw a baby shower for a friend at church. I had some fun being crafty and putting together some fun theme things.

The baby’s room is going to be decorated with Red and Blue (they’re having a boy) and the family is a huge fan of Superman, so I worked those into the party decorations.

Here’s what the whole table ended up looking like.

The string of dots is one of the first things I decided to do. I punched out circles with 4 different size punches from Stampin’ Up! and then I sewed them together to make the garland. It took a while to punch out the circles, but sewing them was actually pretty quick.

I knew that I wanted to do striped paper straws and I found them at Garnish (great stuff on that website!). I also picked up a bunch of mason jars, too bad I’m not near all my family that cans food so I didn’t have to buy them. Now at least I have some for the next party.

I was so excited to find this tutorial for making pinwheels out of my stamping supplies. These don’t spin, but I didn’t need them to. I used a set of 12×12 paper and cut them into 6×6 squares.

From the pinwheels I made this centerpiece:

I used extra dots I had to tape onto the pail I had on hand from a MOPS craft. Then, I also made a wreath which I love and it’s staying on my fireplace!

I want to paint the brick, I think I’m close to doing it this summer. I love how fun and summer-y pinwheels are and it’s fun to have some sort of seasonal decorations in my house.

My next decoration was the “Welcome Baby” banner. They don’t have a name for him yet so I just went generic with it. Since they are Superman fans, I went to the comic book store and found some back issues of Superman comic books. I found out that this store has clearance books for .25 each that are great for getting comic paper- although, I did have to look through bunch to find ones that had good pictures.

I cut out the banner shapes and then found a font I liked online to print the words. I copied those onto the colored paper. This was one time where I wish I had a Cricut so I could just make my own die cut.

I hung it up with ribbon and mini-clothespins. I think that’s my new favorite way to hang up banners. This was gift to the mom since I have no reason to have a Superman baby banner.

Finally, we got the cake from my favorite bakery in town. They run the cupcake truck and mostly sell cupcakes in their store, but they also do custom cakes. They were able to make the perfect cake!

We used the mom’s last initial for the logo- it turned out super cute!

Overall it was a lot of fun trying to figure out what to do with a red and blue theme. We all had a great time and now we are ready to meet this little kiddo!


4 thoughts on “Crafty Baby Shower

  1. Megan says:

    Super, super fun!! Way to go, Amy! And, why have I never heard of Garnish before? Checking it out NOW.

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