6 month comparisons

I now have a 4 year old and a 6 month old. One thing that’s been fun to pay attention to is how similar these two are in their growth. The girls were born within an ounce of each other, Isabelle at 6 lb 14 oz and Adelynn at 6 lb 13 oz, and have stayed on the same chart for the past 6 months.

We had A’s 6 month appointment today and here is how she’s doing.

enjoying some yogurt and avocados

Adelynn weighed in at a whopping 16 pounds, 11 oz (71st percentile). She’s 26 and 1/8 inches long (also 71st percentile- it’s nice to be proportional).

For comparisons, here are Isabelle’s stats at the same age.

isabelle enjoying avocados at six months

Isabelle at her six month appointment was 16 pounds 13 oz (72nd percentile) and was 27 inches long (92nd percentile). 


So far Isabelle is two ounces ahead of Adelynn in her growth. This is where Isabelle dropped significantly in her weight, she’s been between the 35th and 50th percentiles since her 9 month appointment.

I’m not really worried about percentiles, I’ve just been amazed that they can be so exact in size.


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