Crafting gifts for boys

One of Isabelle’s friends turned 3 this week so we headed to his party this morning. In typical 3-year-old boy fashion he loves cars and all the characters from the Cars movies. Instead of buying a toy I thought I would find some fun things to make for him. Making presents for my daughter’s friends won’t be cool forever so I might as well do it while I can.

I started out with making a pillowcase. Isabelle loves her “custom” pillowcases so I found Cars fabric and made him one.

I was excited to find the racing check fabric, it worked perfectly it. I can’t find the link to the tutorial I used, I didn’t pin it on Pinterest and now it’s not showing up.

I decided to add one more thing to the gift so I searched around Pinterest and found this.


It looked easy enough so I got all the materials and loved how it turned out!

Here is my version of the car caddy:

Since we live in a house with little girls he got a new Lightening McQueen out of the deal so I could make sure the cars actually fit. 🙂

Here is what it looks like with a parked car.

I was having a little photo shoot with this caddy, so here is what it looks like folded in half.


I like how the velcro part looks like a front window. This was also the first time I’ve made something with piping all the way around- I like the way it finishes the edges.

And finally, what it looks like all folded up and ready to go. I hadn’t added the final vecro piece when I took this picture, so it’s not strapped.

When we were at the party we tested it out with all 6 cars in the pockets and it still folded nicely!

This would be great for throwing in a purse to keep your son occupied while you are out and about, and it helps store all those little cars! So fun and a fun gift to make for a little boy.


3 thoughts on “Crafting gifts for boys

  1. You did a fantastic job, Amy, I’m so impressed. I’ve let my sewing slide, and part of that is that I tell myself there’s not much I could make for my boys, but you’ve inspired me!

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