Pirate Princess Party part 2

Back in November I posted about Isabelle’s birthday party and showed you the invitations I made. Thanks to Pinterest I was able to come up with fun decorations to make too.

We started out with a sign to welcome everyone. The balloons lasted all of 10 minutes because it was so windy out.

My first inspiration was to make tissue paper poms for the ceiling. This are super easy to make and give some fun to a room.

I saw on Pinterest an idea to make PB&J sandwiches in the shapes of crowns. You have to have sandwiches at tea parties!  (My only mistake was to have the cupcakes on the table ahead of time. None of the kids wanted to eat their food first!)

I made white chocolate strawberries with pink sprinkles, had pretzels and then I didn’t take a picture of the cheese. I found a crown cookie cutter and used that to make cheese crowns.

Finally, I made cupcake wrappers in the shape of crowns thanks to Stampin’ Up!. Since I had just spent a lot of time cutting out little princesses for the invitations, I decided to go quick with a circle punch for this one. I’m actually considering making up packs of these to sell on etsy or something.

Here is the completed table ready for the tea party. I didn’t do too much here with pirate decorations. The cost was starting to add up.

For party games we played Hide and Seek, had balloons out for the kids to throw around and did a “treasure hunt”. I hadn’t found anywhere in town to buy chocolate coins in bulk, so I had my sister-in-law in California mail me a bunch from WinCo. Then I found these cute treasure boxes at Hobby Lobby to use for collecting coins. Then we had a coin hunt. I wanted make sure that we had enough coins to not have kids miss out on collecting and we probably had too much! Here is a picture of Isabelle finding her treasure.

I didn’t end up getting pictures of the fireplace. I found some cute treasure maps for the boys party bags and had a bunch extra so I taped them up on the fireplace with some balloons. If it hadn’t been so windy, we probably would have played some more pirate games outside.

Finally, my cousin runs a custom cookie shop out of her home and made these amazing crown cookies for everyone’s gift bags. They were so fun to have!

I think that’s everything! It was a fun party, it’s always fun to create things for parties, even if it gets pretty chaotic making it all.



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