Homemade Gifts: Mug Rugs

For my two sister-in-laws I made Mug Rugs for Christmas. I first found these this past summer and knew they would be perfect gifts. I have a couple of friends that may also see these appear in a gift sometime. So what’s a mug rug? It’s an oversized quilted coaster meant for your mug and snack, like this:

There have been a lot of tutorials going around the internet. I ended up really liking this one I found on Sew, Mama, Sew!

Mug rugs are great for your scrap pile because you don’t need very big pieces. I made two for each sister. My plan originally was to make 4 and have two different patterns, but crafting with two kids proved to be a bit challenging.

Here is the completed set of blue mug rugs.

Here is the pink/purple set.

They were so quick and easy. I think it actually took longer to cut the pieces and hand stitch the binding than it did to even sew everything together.

If you want more ideas for mug rugs, here is where I got started.



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