Family Memory Game

Two years ago my friend Sherry posted this post about an Old Maid game she made for her grandkids. I filed it in my brain as a memory game and waited for a good time to make one.

This Christmas I was pretty excited to finally figure out how to make a set for my niece who turned one in October. Since our family is all over the country we try pretty hard to keep each others faces in front of our kids. Isabelle regularly Google Chats with everyone so when we get together no one is a stranger. Now it’s Ellie’s turn!

After seeing what Sherry did and checking some things out on Pinterest, I came up with my own version. First I decided to have two individual pictures of each family member. There are 11 of us so far (baby cousin #4 will get his/her addition next year!) so I had 22 pictures. Thank goodness for Facebook- I was able to get most of my pictures without hinting to her mom and dad what I was working on.

I sized all the pictures to a 3×3 and then printed them on white cardstock. I made two copies for the matching portion. I then cut colored cardstock and fun scrapbook paper. I glued the scrapbook paper to the back of the cardstock and the pictures to the front of the cardstock. I also used a corner punch to round the edges and make it look nice. Then I took it to Mardel’s and had it laminated.

Add a fun box and you have a fun family game!

Here’s a portion of the finished product, it’ll be a while before she will play a real memory game but for now she can just have fun looking at everyone.



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