Princess Pirate Party: Part 1

Isabelle “turned into” a princess about a year ago and this summer she requested a Princess Tea Party for her 4th birthday.

I started looking around to get ideas and decided to have a Princess Pirate party so that the boys could have some fun too.

For the first part, I’ll show the invitations I made. I got excited when the Stampin’ Up! catalog came out this summer and I saw this Flirtatious paper. Isabelle loves purple and the pink/purple combination of the paper was perfect so I went with those colors for the theme.

I found a retired Princess stamp set at my favorite antique mall and snatched it up for the invites. The booth where I got the stamps is full of princess gear and I actually went back a couple of times to get things for the party.

After some working around here is what I came up with for the front:

I decided to make them like a postcard to save on paper, so on the back I went with a Pirate theme for the invite wording.

This part was a bit harder and after spending a lot of time in our scrapbook store I decided to go with a treasure map theme and came up with this:

I ended up having to make my own flags with black paper and these awesome glitter stickers.

Part two will be coming with the decorations and some party pics!


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