I need to win a shopping spree

I got to go to the fancy mall in the big city today and paid a little visit to a lovely store, Anthropologie.

I love that store and am always seeing their items appear in blog wishlists around internet-land. Apparently this store inspires me to actually post on my blog, so I decided to make a little wishlist of my own based on what I saw today.  *all pics are linked to anthropologie*


I’ve been obsessed with tiny salt and pepper shakers since Pioneer Woman posted some on her blog a long time ago. I went today to see what I could find. I love these and love that they have their own carrying container and the design on the top of the shaker is also painted on the holder (perfect for people who need everything to have a place).


These are the Izmir Measuring Cups. I don’t know if this would be a practical purchase in any way and I’m not even sure if I would ever use them, but I still like them. I like how they nest together, have a lip for liquids and the ethnic flare they have. It looks like something my mom would’ve bought when we lived in Mexico. Products like this make me realize that I have no cool way to display cute kitchen items and I need open shelving or a hutch in my dining room.


Vintage Garden Markers

If I gardened, this would be a fun way to mark my herbs. Maybe I could figure out how to make my own with a jewelry letter stamping kit…


I thought these would be fun for a kids room or you could use the initial of your last name on a wall of pictures.


These sheets make me feel ready for summer and makes me want to be one of those people who changes their bedding for each season. But that’ll never happen, we’ve had the same comforter for 8 years and even though the dog who sleeps on our bed has torn holes into it, we flipped it over and continued using it.

6.  We need new barstools. Do you think I could convince Tim to spend $350 to get these? Scratch that, I need two, so $700.

7. Finally, can anyone make me coffee table like this?


So now I just need to win that shopping spree and I’ll be all set.



2 thoughts on “I need to win a shopping spree

  1. Paula says:

    Jessy went to Izmir! The city. In Turkey! You suppose those measuring cups come from there. I should ask her to buy me some fun dishes, eh?
    She comes home two weeks from today!

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