My new wallet

Several months ago, my friend Megan, hosted a giveaway for a Savvycents wallet.

I really wanted to win one but the cards weren’t in my favor. I finally saved up some mad money and decided to go ahead and buy one for myself.

What’s so cool about this wallet?  It’s perfect for all you cash envelope system people.

photo from the savvycents website

I have been carrying around envelopes from the bank as we’ve been deep in baby step 2 of the Dave Ramsey plan. Those envelopes get torn up and are hard to put cash back into so I was excited to get this wallet.

I’ve had it two days and I love it! I have 5 pockets for cash (the company even sends cool printed out categories) and it’s so easy to see how we are doing in each category. Plus it zips closed so I don’t have to worry about things falling out.

This totally isn’t a sponsored review or anything, I just think it’s a great product (and it’s fun to have a pink patent leather wallet).


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