All I do is make things

It seems like I have only been posting my craft projects on here, ok, so I really only have been posting my crafts on here. I have a couple of things I made that were gifts and I can finally post them here since they have been given.

I was trying to figure out what to get my brother for his birthday this year and kept seeing quilted camera strap covers around the internet. While the one I linked to is for the whole strap, I also found tutorials about making a slipcover for your strap. I decided I’d make him one but I wanted to make it look a little more manly.

I decided to try and use old ties to create a semi-vintage look or probably more of a thrifted look. After going to a couple of places I ended up with these six ties:

I think this picture is after I washed them. Once they were clean I used my seam ripper to undo the ties and get a nice flat piece of usable fabric.

Ties have a lot of fabric! I think I could make quite a few straps from these. I then cut the tie fabric in half and started to sew pieces together to create new patterns.

This is the first strap I ended up with:

So, I’ll call this one my practice strap. I hadn’t worked polyester very much and it’s stretchier than I’m used to, I also didn’t like how it looked once it was folded in half. So I started all over again and decided to go with a more stripe look than square look.

I finished the strap right before our trip to visit him, so I was able to get pictures of it in use! I really like the finished product. My brother even mentioned that it was nice to have because it was a good way to know which camera is his (he’s had a couple of times at friends house’s where they have the same type of camera and they get mixed up).

Here it is!

Now, who knows if it’s still on the strap, but at least he humored me while we visited!



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