Newly found Etsy store

Last weekend we were able to get a break and head out to Breckenridge. It was our first time to leave Isabelle behind for longer than a night.

I love the stores in Breckenridge and since there was no snow on the mountain I didn’t have to take Tim away from skiing. We wandered around until I found a store I had wanted to visit when I was there in July. I’m glad I did.

The owner of the store, Magical Scraps, moved into a storefront when she was selling handmade hats around town. They had super cute kids items and fun bags, hats, and other things for adults. Plus they had a section where you could buy the fabrics they were using (that was pretty hard to resist!). She even had part of her sewing studio in the store so she could work on items during the day. Kind of wish I lived in Breckenridge so I could work for her.

I bought a cute little knitted cap that is more like an ear warmer, which is perfect because some days I want my hair in a ponytail and that doesn’t look good in regular knitted caps.

They also have an Etsy store and I think it’s updated more often with items that are for sale. Their shirt dresses for little girls caught my eye, I may have to try and put some together for Isabelle.

Just thought I’d share that cute store with everyone. If you are ever in Breck make sure you check it out!

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