Baby quilt finished!

My friend had a baby in June. When she found out she was pregnant a year ago, she requested a baby quilt from me. Of course I had to make one, mostly because the only time I finish projects is for gifts. Even when the gift is late.

I planned out which pattern I was going to use but I had to wait until she found out if she was having a boy or a girl. We found out it was a girl in February, but I had such a hard time deciding on fabrics that I didn’t get started until April or May.

I had the quilt top done for her shower, which we had three weeks after her baby was born. I actually got my new job a month before she was born so I had a hard time adjusting my craft time. But, finally I got it all finished- just in time for the cold weather!

Here is the finished product. The color theme was pink and brown. It took me a while to find just the right pink fabrics. I didn’t want anything with greens, yellows, or purples. I’m happy with what I found.


And yes, she’s name buddies with my yet-to-be-born-but-coming-any-day-now niece.


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