Diaper Bag craft

When we found out in February that my sister-in-law was pregnant, I decided to make her a diaper bag. Most of this was motivated by the fact that I live in a family of quilters so someone was bound to make her a blanket, but who would make a diaper bag? And, I found a really fun tutorial online that I wanted to try out!

For starters, here is the tutorial that was featured on Sew Much Ado. It looked fun and easy and the instructions looked liked I could follow them.

I then spent who knows how long patrolling the sale section of Fabric.com to find a good sale for decor weight fabric. I don’t buy a lot of different kinds of fabric- mostly just cotton quilt fabric at the local quilt store, so this was a bit different for me. I think the website gave me the right information if I knew what to do with it. Overall I think I was expecting a smaller fabric design and a tighter weave of the fabric. But, it still gave me the look I was going for (neutral and beachy- even though just because you live in California, doesn’t mean you live by the beach).

I wanted to finish this in time to give it as a gift before a diaper bag was purchased, this also meant I didn’t know if I would have a niece or a nephew. I found a great fabric and for some reason didn’t take a picture of it before I made the bag. I guess I could downstairs and take a picture of the extra fabric, but I’ll get to show you with the finished product pic.

I even forgot to take pictures before I mailed it away (this was a bad picture taking summer!), but Melissa came to the rescue and took pictures for me when she got the bag.

Here is the outside of the bag. This is the first time I worked with a magnetic snap and it was lots of fun.

I love the big brown and black flowers. I hoped that the colors would look “boy” enough if it needed to, but it’s a girl so it doesn’t matter!

Here is the inside of bag:

You can’t tell but I top stitched on the inside fabric to create three pockets on each side. I made sure that you could fit a wipes case or diapers in a couple of the pockets and then made smaller ones for bottles or other things. If I made another one I might try and add a loop with a clip on the top edge to clip keys or something. This was the first time I’ve really worked with elastic (inside the brown bias tape) and it was pretty tough, I think I had a pretty tight elastic, so maybe I could find one that’s a little looser.

Finally, I decided to fill bags with fun things! I found a fun toy at our MOPS consignment sale, added a diaper and a travel pouch of wipes. I use Arbonne Baby sunscreen on Isabelle and with such fair skin she hasn’t had a sunburn with it on, so I made sure that their baby will be fully protected. Tim and I also found a cute onesie at the height of World Cup fever and it was perfect for a new little member of our family.

Here’s all the fun stuff (I didn’t get everything I wanted, so more stuff is coming to spoil this little girl):

I’m hoping this bag will actually be functional. If it is, I may end up making some more.


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