Summer Plans

Well, we’ve started up our summer schedule around here and finally getting into the swing of things.

Our half marathon is in 5 weeks (yikes), so most of my free time has been running or avoiding a run. Now that the mornings are nice I can actually get out with Isabelle instead of using the treadmill during her nap. After yesterday’s run though I decided that long runs and jogging strollers don’t go together. My route was mostly uphill so I walked most of my “run”. Good news is that I’ve lost 21 pounds since January! I have at least 10 to go and the Wii Fit says 13.7. 🙂

I also started a night and weekends job last month! I’m working at a certain corporate wedding dress store. It’s been a good transition so far and a much needed boost to our debt payoff. Two years ago we took the Dave Ramsey class and we’re finally in a place to attack our debt. I’m able to be at home during the day with Isabelle and Tim arranged his work schedule so that he’s home before I go to work.

I’ve got a line-up of craft projects to post, but they’ve all been gifts so I have to wait a little longer before I can get those posted.  So maybe in the next couple of weeks I might get back to some regular posting!


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