First Dentist Appointment

Isabelle had the privilege of going to the dentist today!

We’ve been talking about the dentist for over a week now so that she wouldn’t be completely freaked out. So she was very excited this morning when I told her that we were going to see the dentist today.

I think that helped because she did great!

Here she is waiting to see the dentist:

At this point I think she thought her whole dentist experience was on the couch. She was pretty excited about that.

But, we had to go back to the chair. She was all excited to see the hygienist and then got a little nervous when she saw the chair, and the instruments, and heard the noises. We let her stand there for a minute and showed her where they play the movie. (I love this dentist mostly because they let you watch movies in your chair). She picked out Nemo and we started the movie.

During that time I put her up on the chair and she did great sitting there. We didn’t show her that the chair moves until she was on it since I was afraid that she’d be too scared of the chair at that point.

From that point it was a real easy appointment. She actually let the hygienist brush her teeth and they were able to get a good look. In case your wondering, she has great spaces, her teeth are a little small and she’s getting her final set of molars.

When she was done she got a Pooh and Tigger sticker which promptly went on her shirt, got to pick out a prize and take home a new toothbrush!

Here’s my visual proof that she enjoyed her visit:


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