Grieve Out Loud

I just ran across this website while browsing the internet tonight and I’m really intrigued by it.

It’s called Grieve Out Loud, and it’s a newly founded support website for Infant Loss.

There are a couple things I really like about this site.

First, there are a lot of resource links. It has a great amount of information in those links and it’s organized. When I first went through this, one of the hardest things was figuring where to go online. The internet is a great way to connect grieving moms together and a list like this would have been amazing at that time (and still might be).

Second is their pen pal program. While it may be weird to ask someone online to be a “pen-pal”, the team they have put together have some very specific experiences. If you live in a town that have few people who have had similar experiences, this connection would be comforting.

I added the button on my sidebar in case you need to remember the website someday (I really hope that no one needs this).


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