training update #1

I hope my blog doesn’t just become training updates, but for now that’s what I have for you.

Half Marathon training week 1: complete.

This week was colder than I thought it was going to be and due to impending blizzard we decided not to head downtown for running club on Tuesday night. So I actually ran in the morning before Tim went to work and it was still just as cold and not fun.

Monday was 3 miles- I did that with the stroller and it was a great day- Isabelle decided to skip her nap that day which was great because about 10 minutes into running she fell asleep and napped the whole ride.

We actually completed the rest of the week and ironically someone called us up on Tuesday and offered to give us a treadmill (they are doing some major spring cleaning) so we both did our 4 miles on the treadmill Saturday since it was windy and snowy again!

The next 3 weeks will be exactly the same as last week, two 3 mile runs, a 2 mile walk, 30 min walk and a 4 mile run.

I’m still running and walking, but I do actually start running after I’ve been walking for a bit so that’s a huge improvement!

This week the weather is supposed to be great, so we’ll most likely be at running club and I should get all the workouts done outside.

I’ve also lost 13 pounds since January and am trying to lose 15 more by June so this should be a huge help for me!

Update coming next week and maybe I’ll post something different in the middle of the week!


One thought on “training update #1

  1. Kristin says:

    Great work! I am very impressed. I myself used the bad weather as an excuse to slack! Great job staying dedicated!

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