New morning routine

Every once and a while my friend Monica writes about morning routines on her blog.  While I never really have set times for my day, I tend to have some semblance of a routine.

Lately it’s looked like this:

6:00- Tim gets up

6:30- Isabelle wakes up- Tim gets her up and out of bed

7:30- I wake up, get out of bed while Tim gets ready for work

8:00- Isabelle and I eat breakfast, Tim leaves for work.

8:15-10:00- I do my internet blog reading/emailing/facebook. We get dressed and ready to head out for the day if we are going somewhere.

While I like have the time to sleep in- I haven’t really been ready for the day if Isabelle is up when I get up.

A couple of days ago I ran across this blog (click here) and again was reminded that I need to be up before my child is.

So, new morning routine for me!

My plan is to get up at 6 AM to do my Bible study and then my internet time.

I also am going to try and get showered and dressed before Tim leaves for work

I haven’t gotten much farther than those two changes, but I think that will ultimately set me up for a better day. Maybe I’ll post an update in a couple of weeks and see how it’s going. 🙂


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