Fruits and Veggies

Last week while browsing around Facebook, I cam across a link for an organic veggie delivery service. I searched around a little and decided it would be a good thing for our family to try for a while.

I’ve seen things about Community Gardens and services like that- but haven’t looked into much for our area. I also have good intentions to make it to the farmer’s market during the summer, but I never do. So having a place where I can get organic (mostly local) fruits and veggies delivered to our door was very fun!

I got my first delivery last night and so far I like it. The nice thing is that there is no contract for service so we are able to try this out and see if it fits in for us.

So, yesterday afternoon this showed up on our doorstep.

I got the smallest box the service has available. The nice thing is that they recycle most of the food packaging in their warehouse, so I have no plastic bags and can return the box and any packaging they did include at the next drop off.

I’m all ready to open it, can’t wait to see what’s inside (well, I already know because they send me a list that I can edit if I don’t want a particular item).

Finally I get to see what we’re going to be eating for the week.

Looks yummy and farm fresh. 🙂

Here’s our total food purchase.

Not too shabby. I’m going to take my list to our grocery store and price the organic foods we got to see the price comparison. Even if it’s a little bit more to do this, I think the positives outweigh the negatives here. For one, having groceries show up at your door step is a plus for anyone.

Here is the information this company. They operate in Colorado, Kansas City area, and a portion of the east coast. You can get the delivery info at the Door to Door website. They let you decide which weeks you want delivery as well as let you customize your box.

I’m especially looking forward to what will be available in the summer and may have to increase our box size. For now I’m making sure we eat everything this week!


4 thoughts on “Fruits and Veggies

  1. this is AWESOME amy!!! way to support local! i’m so interested in how this goes: cost comparison and everything. thanks for sharing! wish we had something like that here in utah.

  2. Becky says:

    We’ve joined and fruit and veggie CSA for the summer. I’m sure we’ll have blog posts about it too.

    Great work Amy! Keep it up!

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