Playroom cleaning part 2

Yesterday I left off at the toy side of our playroom, now I’ll head over to the office part of our playroom.

I am a horrible piler and tend to pile things up until I’m tired of it and then clean everything up. I’m trying to be better with that and I think it starts with having a place for everything. I’ve switched to paperless billing for almost all of our bills and that has really helped with my piling. While organizing everything I was able to figure out what I have problems with and I think I was able to create a place for almost everything (what didn’t have a place was moved to the basement for me to deal with later, that’s how I roll).

Here is the before of our office area.

Not so pretty. Once I was able to identify where I wanted items to belong the process became easier.

Here’s what I ended up with.

My first choice would be to have all new furniture, but that’s not really going to happen anytime soon. So, you do with what you have.

Here’s what I did for this section:

  • Top of shelves: Isabelle’s memento box, playdough and fingerpaints, and sheet music that needs to go in a binder
  • Next shelf: CD’s. We aren’t getting an Ikea in town for another year, but when they get here all our CD’s and DVD’s will be in their boxes.
  • Middle shelf: Books we frequently need access to. All the other books  were moved to our shelves in the basement
  • Printer and Piano books have their home on a shelf and then Tim’s big CD books are on the bottom. (I think someone likes music)
  • Sorted through all loose papers. 95% went to the shred box.
  • Created a space for our current budget papers- all rest went to our file box
  • Cleaned off desk top and dusted everywhere
  • Moved drawers so that they were accessible from the desk

What’s nice about this area now is that there are still a few areas with empty space! You never know when you are going to need a new home for something- and now I have options.

I’m finding that when I know where an item belongs I am more willing to keep other spaces tidy. Instead of leaving things around in the family room or kitchen I immediately put it away.

What’s funny is that I never realized getting this area organized first is what will help when cleaning the other rooms.

So there is my spring cleaning for our playroom. I haven’t decided yet what the next room will be. I may continue the progress on our main floor and do the family room.


2 thoughts on “Playroom cleaning part 2

  1. Kristin says:

    This looks great! I am inspired! Our office space is a constant issue for me, and kinda depresses me when I look at it. Maybe I should take some pointers from this!

  2. Janelle says:

    I love it, Amy! Just this weekend I cleaned off my desk, I’m a piler, too. There were papers on there that were from a year ago! It feels so nice to get it done. It looks great. 🙂

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