More cleaning!

So far I’ve been keeping up with my spring cleaning goal. I’ve also been able to maintain the rooms I’ve cleaned so far. That’s a pretty big deal. We all know it’s easy to have a cleaning blitz and make everything look good for a day, but it’s way harder to keep it looking that way.

This time I worked on our playroom. This room is what most people would consider the formal living room. I’ve always had it set-up that way and we never really got much use out of it. When Isabelle’s toys started spilling over in her corner in the family room, I decided to do away with the formal living room. We also moved our home office to a corner in this room. This change has been great for us.

The room has been set-up this way for probably over a year now and I finally feel like things are organized and have a place.

This time I’ll show you a before and after of each section of the room and tell you what I did.

First, the toy area.  The two pictures below is one wall.

I wanted to use our wall unit a little better and always have trouble with where to keep all the toys. I played around with ideas for a bit and came up with this:


My main thing was to move up the bottom row of shelving. Isabelle is used to them, but pretty much someone hits their head whenever she has friends come play. By moving up the wider shelves I was able to put a medium width shelf within Isabelle’s reach (she really likes to put things on that lower shelf). I also moved the container unit over so kids are no longer reaching under the shelves to pull out toys. I dusted the shelves and edited what I have out. I got a tea set from my Grandma last year and don’t have a hutch or anything to put it in. One thing I learned from years of watching Clean Sweep is that if you have collectibles but don’t display them, what do they really mean to you? So instead of trying to display all the pieces I have, I selected some pieces to look like it was set up for tea time and put those in the middle shelf. I kind of like them there.

I also cleaned the piano real well and found a place for Tim’s piano books and trombones. Here is the after of that area.

Overall this new arrangement for the toys is working. I still think I need something to hold the rest of the toys, but for now I think it’s ok.

It’s time to go get a little girl dressed, so I’ll add part two tomorrow.

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