Bringing home Bunny

First of all, I have to laugh at the people who saw my old cheer skirt. Yes, I kept all of my uniforms from high school. 🙂 I’ve always kept them in the name of dress up clothes so I decided to move them to a different closet. I may get rid of them eventually, but for now they are fun to have. 🙂

One of Isabelle’s Christmas presents this year was her first trip to Build-a-Bear! We’ve been in there a couple of times and she thinks the store is just there to watch the cotton spin, so this was going to be a funny trip.

Our first challenge was getting her to pick out an animal. We first tried to get her to look at all the animals and pick one out. The first thing she did? See the water fountain outside the store and leave to go play in the water! While she was playing I picked out two animals that she doesn’t have yet- a bunny and a cat. We got her back in the store and let her choose so she picked the bunny.

We then assembled it and she got to help stuff the bunny.

Before we could finish the bunny she was ready to give it a bath, so we stitched it up real quick and headed to the bath.

Isn’t the scarf cute??  She saw me putting mine on and wanted hers! She wore it the whole time. Thanks Aunt Melissa for making it!

After the bath we were able to pick out an outfit. I eventually got her to pick out a shirt and we were able to add a skirt and shoes to complete the ensemble.

Finally we got to take Bunny home! The “home” for Bunny had provide the most entertainment. Isabelle sticks bunny in there all the time and carries her around the house.

Bunny has been a great addition to Isabelle’s playtime. She got her first baby doll for Christmas too so she’s always dragging on of them around. It’s fun to watch. I didn’t get a picture of her with Bunny until this morning, so here’s introducing Bunny.


4 thoughts on “Bringing home Bunny

  1. Aunt Devonne says:

    I got a chuckle about the water fountain. The last picture of her with her bunny is soooo cute! I love it.

  2. I love this for two reasons:

    1) When I was a little girl my very first stuffed animal was a bunny, so growing up I was the “bunny girl” and always got bunnies of everything. So I’m glad Isabelle has a bunny!

    2) I LOVE how cute that scarf looks on her! 🙂

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