Project in a day

Yesterday Isabelle wanted to play in her play house pretty much the whole entire day. Fortunately we put the play house in my craft room so I decided to work on a project.

Now that Isabelle is starting to help out a little in the kitchen, I thought it would be fun to get her an apron. I haven’t looked around too much to see what aprons cost, but what I ended up doing is definitely a better deal!

I mentioned to my mom that I wanted an apron pattern and so she got one from my aunt (hi Devonne!) and brought it with her while my parents are here for Thanksgiving.

When I looked at the pattern I didn’t want to mess it up with fabric I bought, so I thought I’d raid my scrap pile. I have a friend who gave me a bunch of scraps a while ago and I haven’t really done anything with them. I found some fabric that was big enough and coordinated enough for it to work as an apron.

Turns out the pattern was way easier than I thought it would be and I finished it by the time Isabelle woke up from her nap! That’s my kind of project.

I like how it turned out. I think it has a “Little House on the Prairie” vibe, but I like it that way. Isabelle really likes the pockets and immediately put her toy phone in one of them.

Here’s the front view

Here’s the back (which I like a lot)

Here it is in action

What’s nice about this pattern is that it’s still a bit big for her, so she’ll be able to grow into it. Also, it’s easy enough that I’m thinking about scouting sales for fun fabric with a cooking theme and an art theme to make a kitchen apron and an art smock.

If you want the pattern I’m pretty sure you can find them in a quilt shop- it’s called the Little Spring Fling apron and it’s done by The Apron Lady. (I couldn’t find the pattern on the website, but I’m sure you could figure out how to get it).


3 thoughts on “Project in a day

  1. Aunt Devonne says:

    I’m glad you could use the pattern. It turned out very cute. I bought the pattern at a quilt shop in McCall called Huckleberry Patches.

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