Advent and a Toddler

Growing up Advent was pretty much lighting a candle at the beginning of the church service each week before Christmas. And, we had one of those flap countdown calendars with verses.

Having a child seems to bring a sense of need to carry on traditions, create new ones, and to make sure they understand the reason for what we do (not that I even quite understand it all). So I was pretty excited when I found this book on sale this summer.

It’s probably not going to do much for Isabelle this year, but I think over the years it will help to incorporate what we are doing during the Christmas season. The book takes the Advent traditions (and ones we’ve added) and gives a small background into the practice, a craft of some sort and a teachable moments section.

For this year I will probably just do the countdown calendar (starting tomorrow!) and maybe add a couple of crafts throughout the month. Isabelle actually understands that something different is going on (mainly because of the tree in the living room!) and so I may be able to get her to connect with Jesus’ birthday.

I guess I’m just writing this to say that I’d like to make sure we are more intentional about this season. Are there things you’ve done with young kids to start them down this path?


3 thoughts on “Advent and a Toddler

  1. Hey Amy,

    I’ve never read that book – though I’ve seen and heard of it. I think one of my favorites is the What God Wants for Christmas – Rachel is 3 and she can’t get enough of it. It is seven little boxes that you open as you are reading short paragraphs that go with. You are supposed to open them on seven nights, but we just read it all in one sitting repeatedly!

    Anyway, in these little boxes are pieces that go in the nativity – they get to place them in after each box is opened. I love that it is interactive and I have enjoyed watching their delight in placing the pieces just-so to see it look beautiful.

    Not a book, but another favorite is the Very First Noel DVD – short, cute and follows Scripture well.

    Enjoy the season!

  2. PS: I made your M&M cookies yesterday and had a request to post the recipe. Wanted to check with you first. If you’d rather post it, I’ll be happy to link over.


  3. HI – I was directed to your blog via The Homespun Heart. I have a toddler and a baby this year; and I’ve put off what I normally do for Advent (Advent wreath with real candles!), for at least this year. We do have a small advent calendar, and I’m doing a few Christmas crafts with the toddler. Life is busy, but good!

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