Helping out

I’ve started trying to get Isabelle to help out around the house a little more. A couple of places online have age appropriate chore duties that I have been working on.
Recently she has taken a bit more interest in things so I’ve added a couple more from those lists.

Making her bed doesn’t quite work yet, but she has to stand there with me and try to help.

Then I started having her help with setting the table. At first I would give her just her own plate and utensil as a way to distract her while I’m finishing up dinner. Since we always sit in the same place at the table she knew where to put her things.

A couple of weeks ago she kept coming back after her items were out so I thought I’d see what would happen if she set the whole table! She actually did a very good job.

She can just barely see over the table which makes this whole thing hilarious, but she knew where everything sort-of went and didn’t break anything.

(Still makes me think that I need to invest in a good set of Corelle dishes though.)

Here’s a little visual of what we got to see in her first attempt at setting the table.

I think I had already moved one of the plates when I took this, but they were both hanging off the table just a little too much. The napkin had fallen so Isabelle worked very hard at getting it back on the table (I think we need to start working on folding!).

This has been a fun addition to our routine, I’ve been thinking of ways I can start to make a visual chore chart or something that shows what her responsibilities are. I’ll let you know if I come up with something (and share your ideas with me!)


2 thoughts on “Helping out

  1. Aj says:

    That is *awesome*. Abel loves to unload the dishwasher, with his servingware in a drawer he can reach. And Judah’s taken to helping me with the laundry, which is hard because he doesn’t do it “right” (i.e. my anal retentive way), but I know in ten years I’ll never get him to touch it, so I’m appreciating what I have right now.

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