This post is brought to you by the number 2

Today we had a party for Isabelle’s birthday! She had a joint party with her playgroup on Monday (her actual birthday) for all the November birthdays. Today she had a party with some of her friends from church.
Since this little girl loves all things Elmo, we went with a Sesame Street themed party. I probably could’ve done a lot more on this since I really only gave myself a week to put it together, but I think I would’ve gone overboard and this turned out well.

I had some fun in Photoshop and created a couple special touches for the party.
First, I started with outdoor decorations. This was something I didn’t do last year and had fun with it.

A view of “Isabelle Street”

Then we move on to the front door. I used the Pin-the-nose-on-Elmo game to make a banner for the door.

On the screen door it says “This party is brought to you by the letter I and the number 2”.

I used the green and yellow from the street sign as theme colors throughout the house. We had 8 of her friends and their parents over for lunch, so I set the table for the kids. It’s fun this year to see them all at the table together. Last year it was all one-year-olds and I didn’t get to use the table for kids to eat.

I made each kid a personalized name tag for the table and set it with the theme plates. I decided to use the cupcakes as the centerpiece, and the kids still actually ate their pizza despite the cake being right in front of them.

Here’s a closer look at the cupcakes

I could have gone more complicated with the cupcakes, but decided that I didn’t need to stress myself out on something that will be eaten by a 2-year-old. Hey, I kept it in the theme and they looked cute on the table, so that’s all that matters. 🙂

The last part of the dining room was to hang some pictures of Elmo from the ceiling. We did those last night and Isabelle loved waking up and finding those over the table.

The last part of the decorations was the fireplace, which is where we had all the presents. This showed my perfectionist side, I measured each letter as I made it. They are all exactly the same and it took me way longer than necessary. I have a problem.

Overall- we had a great time. It was casual and the kids played great. Someone commented about how quiet the kids were while eating, pretty amazing.

Funny story of the day. When we were doing presents, of course the kids are all excited. She did pretty good at not letting the other kids unwrap her first present, but I think that may be the only one she got to! As Isabelle was having fun with a bubble bottle and a birthday card, all her friends “helped” her out and opened everything for her. It was hilarious and Isabelle didn’t even seem to notice that she wasn’t doing it at all. 🙂

Happy Birthday Isabelle!

I have a couple more posts in the works. In the meantime I need to go Thanksgiving dinner shopping!

5 thoughts on “This post is brought to you by the number 2

  1. Aunt Devonne says:

    This was a very cute party! You did a great job putting this together. Blessings on your Thanksgiving with your Mom & Dad.

  2. Aunt Devonne says:

    This was a very cute party! You did a great job putting this together. Have a great Thanksgiving with your Mom & Dad.

  3. Nick says:

    You are already raising a kid that figured out how to get other people to work for her, nice job.

    I like the picture of Pete in jail and Isabelle looks sad.

    Great party though, looks good.

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