My first PW recipe

Isabelle and I were hanging out around the house today and I decided to try out one of the recipes from my new cookbook!

Isabelle likes to “help” me cook, so we got all set up in the kitchen.


I decided to make the French Breakfast Puffs, which look yummy (maybe because they are covered in sugar!)

We were doing pretty good together. Isabelle got to see the Kitchen Aid in action for the first time and was very excited about it.

I got everything together and put them in the oven. And out came this delicious goodness.

Except, that’s where it all went wrong…

I guess I “lightly greased” the muffin pan a little too lightly. That, combined with filling the muffin tin a little too full, made for a lot of stuck and crumbly muffins. I made my way through the tin trying to save what I could. I let them cool a little longer and then tried to dip them in the butter and sugar coating.

I finished up with these:

This just cracks me up! They looked like a hot mess and I wasn’t sure how it’d turn out. But, they are awesome! The crumbly mess and all. I’ll definitely keep tweaking this and figure out how to make them a little prettier. Until then we’ll be scooping up tiny pieces of muffin.


4 thoughts on “My first PW recipe

  1. Totally hilarious. I had the thought the other day that I might cook my way through the Pioneer Woman’s cookbook and blog it, but most of my stuff would come out like this too.

    We should do it together: how two stay-at-home moms, 18 hours apart, butcher the rancher wife’s recipes together.

    You in?

  2. Bev says:

    Buela and Isabelle will have to cook together when we get there for Thanksgiving. Maybe she can help me make the pumpkin pie and rolls. Very fun!

  3. Megan- I’m totally in! I know if I messed this one up, there will definitely be more!

    I *should* take Tim’s advice and practice things before I try them out at Thanksgiving!


  4. Becky says:

    You are a brave person to be baking at altitude Amy. I’ve given up all hope. I’ve sworn it off. I think we are going to try the olive bread complete with toddler ratings in the next week. You think I should blog about it too?

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