New backyard view

A month ago I posted this picture on Facebook.

The utilities company needed to fix a major line for our neighborhood and did the majority of the digging in our yard. This was halfway through the digging before I realized that they would have to take down a tree in the process (the one behind the tractor, not the one next to it).

The nice thing is that the city contracts with a landscaping company to put it all back together for you. They ended up having to tear through a portion of our existing garden plot as well, taking out two sections of railroad ties.

Once they took down the tree I saw how much more light gets back in that corner so I asked them to have the stump removed so that they could put a whole new garden in for me.

After a few weeks of me being out of town and snow preventing the work, they finished today! It turned out great and really improved the look of our yard.

Here is my new view from the kitchen window.


And here it is a little bit closer.

Isn’t it great? I now have two garden spots and a path to the shed. I looked through my computer for any “before” pictures I might have, but I didn’t have any. Just picture an overgrown garden area, patchy rock covering and a section of broken fence. I would say we got the better end of this situation. *grin*

We’re also going to put a bench in the path area between the two gardens. The sad thing is this is what the rest of our yard looks like.

I think we are going to save up some money so that next spring we can finish off the look. But for now, I’m starting to think about what I’m going to plant in all my new garden space!


3 thoughts on “New backyard view

  1. Nick says:

    You should have a pipe “Accidentally” burst on the other side of the yard, so that you can get that fixed too.

    The new landscaping is sweet, That is awesome they did that for you.

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