I went to a book signing and all I got was a spatula

Yesterday afternoon I decided I had a free evening and I probably could go to Denver for the book signing of the Pioneer Woman‘s newly released cook book.

Fortunately through the magic that is facebook, my friend B was going with her mom (hi Bijou!) and offered to let me tag along!

We headed on our journey and made it to the store with some time to spare. Or did we? If we had chewed our Chipotle burritos a little faster this may have been a totally different story. We’re slow eaters.

B and Bijou had ordered their books but were still waiting for them to come so the three of us came to the store without our own copies. We headed to the cash register where they were selling copies. Turns out we got in line 4 people too late and the store had ran out of copies. So, we made our way to the signing line to figure out what we wanted to do.

Here is where we were

This is my view for the next 45 minutes. See that light on the right side of the picture? That’s the stairs leading to the room where the signing was happening. We thought we were in line for the signing and instead we were in line to get into the room so we could get in line for the signing. What were we thinking…

I finally decided I needed to go to the bathroom. I squeezed my way through the crowd and actually managed to take this picture (with my hand raised in the air at the back of the crowd).
All these lucky people were participating in a Q & A. Yes, they could see and hear Ree plus, they could actually ask her questions! All the upstairs people were still holding on to some hope that they may get a cookbook signed before midnight!

We got this close to the stairs when we decided we probably should have a copy of the book.

We called around and found three copies available at another nearby bookstore. I stayed in line and B went to go buy them. Remember where I was standing when they left? I was near that lamp when they got back. Yep, they left, got the car, drove to a store and got back during the time it took me to move five feet.

I now had my very own copy. And, I can actually say that this cookbook is gorgeous. On her blog she takes a picture of every step of the recipe and they have incorporated that idea into the book. I have never wanted to make so many recipes out of one cookbook before.

Hey look! We made it to the top of the stairs!

And this is the view I had for the rest of the evening. Yep, we made it four steps down before we realized that there was no order in the main room and the bookstore didn’t have any system for how people were in line (something you should think about if you have two points of access to a room). We think that we actually were moving forward because people were giving up and leaving, not because the line was actually progressing.

It was then that B’s sister-in-law offered to get our books signed for us since she was going to stay. Hooray! So after two hours of waiting we decided to head back home empty-handed. Well, not quite empty-handed. At hour 1 and a 1/2 some Chefs Catalog people showed up and handed out free spatulas.

So what did we learn? If you want to meet Pioneer Woman before midnight at a book signing, show up four hours early with your own copy of the book. Hopefully I’ll actually have my copy later this week. šŸ™‚

Here are a couple more pics for the fun of it.

Before we left I went down to the room to get a picture of her. I had the zoom on and this was as close as I got.

The next three pictures is the aerial view of where we spent our evening (think of it as one big panoramic).
B and Bijou are standing where we started.
DSC03550 where we stood most of the evening
DSC03551 we finished right under here on the stairs.

So even though we didn’t get very far I had a fun time, thanks B and Bijou for letting me tag along! And thanks A for getting the autograph for us!


3 thoughts on “I went to a book signing and all I got was a spatula

  1. My copy came in the mail today! I’m so excited to look at it – of course, it won’t be autographed – but super convenient to have it delivered to my door! šŸ™‚

  2. Wow! thanks for sharing your experience. She is coming to Austin in December and I am planning on going – I’ll definitely plan ahead!

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