Halloween craft

I had one last piece of Isabelle’s halloween costume that I needed to get finished today. I wasn’t sure how it’d work out- but I had a pretty good idea in my head.

After a $5 trip to Hobby Lobby this morning, I came home with this.

Then I gathered up all my supplies.

Didn’t you know that chocolate chips are a very important part of crafting? Well, they are.
I didn’t get a pic of my first step because I don’t mix saws and cameras. My cheapest option was to buy a long dowel, so I cut it down to size when I got home.

I started out by making the top of the wand. I used pre-cut rug yarn for this step so I wouldn’t have to buy a whole skeen and cut it. I piled the two colors together and then added the rubber band around the middle.

Then I made it poof.

I followed that with wrapping the ribbon around the dowel. I found out when I got home that my white ribbon was see through so I wrapped that twice. I added hot glue in various spots so the ribbon would stay put. The actual wand has colored ribbon crisscrossing around the stick so I added a purple ribbon. I hot glued my puff on the top and came up with this!

This wand is the final step to my A.bby C.adabby costume for Isabelle. Check out the original wand (and Abby):

Stay tuned tomorrow for our version of A.bby C.adabby. I had fun making her costume this year.


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