Catching Up

Isabelle is turning 2 next month. It’s not hard to believe because, well, we all have birthdays and it has been two years. What’s hard to believe or just fun is to see how much of a little girl she is turning into.

She walks around the house talking, loves reading books, and takes very good care of her stuffed animals. I don’t know if I’m encouraging imagination or in serious need of some new toys, but apparently stuffed elephants can drink from lotion, toothpaste, and little containers (I guess it’s time for doll bottles in the play room, or dolls for that matter).

Our upcoming holidays are going to be a blast with Bue-bo and Buela coming for Thanksgiving AND Christmas (thank goodness for work conferences!). Plus all her aunts and uncles are coming too. She doesn’t know it, but she can hardly wait.

It’s always in my mind to blog a little more. I noticed that I got dropped from one of my friends blogroll- so I’m making my year end goal to get back on it! I’m not just going to ask for it, I’m going to earn it back! If I don’t, feel free to pester me.


3 thoughts on “Catching Up

  1. Oh whoospie, was it me? I only update that thing like once a year and the last time I did it I pretty much took out everyone who had only updated theirs once that year. *wink*

    I’m happy to put you back on…

    And sorry!

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