The weekend recap

We actually had a weekend worth documenting this week! Tim has been busy finishing his grad school courses this semester so we haven’t been able to do very much (for the last three years…).  But, he’s done with classes and now just has to finish his thesis! Yay!

We decided to take advantage of the three day weekend (like everyone else) and head up to see our good friends in the mountains. On our way up we stopped at the outlet mall to pick up some things for the wedding we are going to this weekend and scored some major sales. Good thing we were headed somewhere or Tim would’ve had to endure a day’s worth of shopping. 🙂

Once we got to Winter Park we headed out for a hike to test out the backpack carrier we borrowed for our trip. What we thought would be a short fun hike turned into a long fun hike. We had to ford some swamps that are still melting from the the winter, but it was a great day to be out. When we got to the road to get back to the car we let Isabelle out to walk and she had a good time running down the road. That was the part I wish I had my camera for. She looked real cute in the middle of the forest walking down a country road.

Sunday was pretty low key and then on Monday we hung out with some friends of ours from our small group. And we ate chinese take-out. On Memorial Day. The national day of BBQ’s and grilling. 🙂 We also played Rock Band for the first time. Which was a blast. That game may be making an appearance in our house someday, we’ll have to start saving up.

We’re getting ready to leave on our family vacation this week. I’m taking my computer with me so I’ll keep you guessing as to where we are going and then I’ll post our fun trip.

Time to get dressed! Hope everyone had a good weekend!

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