My thrift store find

I always see the great finds that Monica gets at the thrift stores in her area.  She does a great job finding things, mostly because she actually goes to them!

When my parents were in town we were out shopping and I decided to stop in at a nearby thrift store to check my luck.

My purpose is to find a shoe rack. I need something for our hall closet and that’s the kind of item that is worth shopping around town a bit.

We walked down the kitchen aisle when my mom picked up a pan. She looked at it and realized it was a Pampered Chef pan. I got a set of pans for our wedding and it was from the same set we own. We also found a skillet that matched. They just looked like the previous owner had put them through the dishwasher (which is a no-no, I used to be a consultant, I know all the “rules”).

So I snatched up my deals, paid less than $10 for two pan easily worth $150 brand new and was on my way.

The best part?

Here’s my skillet in action.


Every time we make a recipe that required a lid, we’d cover the big skillet with a cookie sheet. Now this skillet fits the lid from my stockpot!

I’m working on a “thrift store wish list” so I’m ready to browse those stores when I am out. What’s your favorite thrift store find?


4 thoughts on “My thrift store find

  1. Great find! Lots of times I leave a thrift store without buying anything – but if you don’t look, you won’t find those great treasures wanting a new home!

  2. Local Thrift Store Skillet says:

    I know you love me, Amy, but I think it is time to put me down and post in your blog again.

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