Personalized CD

Wow, 20 days since my last post!

March has felt like it came in like a lamb and is going out like a lion.  My parents came out for a fun weekend visit (Mom and Dad- put the pics on your flickr page, I forgot to get them from you!).  We also celebrate both our birthdays and our anniversary in a two week period (although not as bad as the three day run Joel and Cherice have).

So, I’ll be working on a more regular posting schedule- especially now that Isabelle is actually interesting. I blogged more when she sat around all day than when she’s running around the house and being a little girl. (Her new thing is trying to feed a bottle to her stuffed animals- I’m trying to get a picture of it).

In the meantime, I’m passing on this fun deal I came across today.

Brainy Baby has a special for CD’s from JustMe! Music. For 9.95 you can get a CD of you kids favorite cartoon character singing songs with their own name in it! The samples are great and they have a whole bunch of names to choose. So check it out if it would would make your kids day to have Elmo sing directly to them.


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