taking showers

Isabelle has been phasing out her morning nap. I guess I’ve been phasing it out for her since we are busy most mornings around here.

One of the downsides to this is that I no longer have her naptime to get myself ready for the day. Certain days Tim will watch her before he goes to work so I can get ready but if I don’t do that then I don’t get a chance.

The last couple of days I’ve tried to take a shower while Isabelle would play in our room.

The first time we did that she started crying really hard halfway through my shower. When I got out and checked on her she was lying in the middle of a pile of dirty clothes. I didn’t really know what happened there.

The next time was uneventful. She shut the door to the bathroom and stood next to the tub the whole time I was in.

This morning she was really having fun and was playing all over the place. Before I got in she found the toilet paper for the first time (guess what was no longer on the roll when I got out?).

After playing around with the curtain a bit I heard her go into the other part of the bathroom. I thought she was going to play with the toys I had brought in for her. Then I heard a thunk in the tub. I looked down and one of my high heels was at the bottom of the tub! I quickly threw it out and was laughing so hard I was afraid she’d keep doing it to be funny.

I think she’ll be stuck in the pack and play from now on because I don’t want to see what happens when she discovers that the toilet bowl lid opens. She already tries to flush the thing…


5 thoughts on “taking showers

  1. Kristin says:

    I am totally with you on this! I have the same problem and have tried the same thing. The twins will usually play happily while I take a shower, they like to stick their little hands in the locked drawers and come out with tubes of moisturizer and stuff. Ever now and then I have to get out of the shower dripping wet to help someone who crashed into the cabinet or something. I have tried getting up before them and getting dressed for the day, but I am not too motivated when the alarm goes off. Maybe we should try giving them their own drawer that they could “discover” like in the kitchen.

  2. This is a problem around our house too…especially since EP can now open doors. So we either 1) take care of him for each other when we take our showers, 2) don’t take a shower that day…, or 3) a lot of times we’ll put him in the tub with us so he can take a bath at the same time. Then when we’re done we just leave him in there while we brush teeth, do hair, etc. This works well now, except he gets mad that he’s getting water in his face when we’re not standing directly in front of the shower head. But I’m not sure it would’ve 6-9 months ago, which is how old Isabelle is now comparatively…but you could try it! Or if you have one of those little kid tubs you could put her in that in the shower with you, too. I used to do that, but that was when E was really little. Good luck!!!

  3. Totally understand Amy!! Would she be okay taking a shower with you? I used to do that with Christian, it worked well. When they stop their morning naps life gets a little more crazy ;o) Good luck!

  4. Ha!Hopefully the pack’n’play will work for a bit!

    Kaileigh can open doors now, and just throws fits in the pack’n’play anymore, so I’ve had to start showering at night – at least when Greg is travelling. Because she too, has figured out the toilet thing as well.

    The real question here too is…did the heels break on your shoe or did they survive!?

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