Valentine memories

Happy Valentines Day!

I was cleaning the kitchen today and noticed it was snowing. I chuckled to myself and thought that it seemed funny to snow on Valentine’s Day. Then suddenly I was taken back to Valentine’s Day 1995.
My best friend had given my the best Christmas present that year. Amy Grant concert tickets. Not only was this going to be my first concert ever, I was going to see Amy Grant. Only the coolest concert a Christian teenage girl could ever go to! The concert was on Valentine’s Day and we could hardly wait.
When the day came we almost didn’t get there. There was a big snow storm in Portland and those of you Northwesterners reading this, you know how bad it gets when it snows. We sat in a mini-van on I-5 for who knows how long in snow and ice, but we made it to the concert.
It was amazing. I can’t believe that was 14 years ago.

Then I had another funny memory pop up tonight after browsing Facebook walls for a while.

I noticed a comment about one of my cousin’s being at the coast. I remembered that it’s President’s Weekend and that there is a junior high retreat that happens every year.
I think the only year I went was in 8th grade (although I can’t remember why). But the best part was what happened during the day that year.
My school had their Valentine’s Dance the afternoon (or the friday before– all of the sudden this unnecessary detail seems important to me). And this my friends, was a momentous school dance. This was the setting for my first slow dance (gasp!). What’s funny now is that I also can’t remember who it was with- I’m pretty sure it was Ron. Here comes the best part. Our student council always deejayed the dances by using cassette singles (remember those?). At the end of the dance they would raffle off all of the tapes.
My slow dance song was Bon Jovi “Bed of Roses” and since I was on student council I was able to get that tape. The very tape that played the actual song I slow danced to. It was every 12 year old girls dream. Since I was destined to love this boy for eternity I couldn’t believe that I now had to leave for the retreat for the weekend. I remember listening to the tape over and over again the entire 2 hour bus ride to the beach. I still can sing the chorus.
I survived the weekend only with the help of that song and maybe talked to him twice the next week before we “broke up”. Oh junior high, I miss you (um, not so much).

Even though that was a little blip in my life I have always remembered it and now the drama of it all makes me laugh.

I couldn’t help but share these two distinct Valentine’s stories with all of you. Isn’t it funny how memories are triggered?

Now go eat some chocolate.


5 thoughts on “Valentine memories

  1. Heidi says:

    So funny Amy! I love it when old memories like that are triggered by something so random. Your memories triggered a few of my own, including my first slow dance… was SO awkward but oh so memorable! 🙂 Also “broke up with him after a week or two!

  2. That second story is the funniest story I have heard you tell in a while. I’m still laughing. That’s all I have to say really, that was just very funny.

  3. Timoteo says:

    I remember getting Chicken Pox on Valentine’s Day, not too many fond memories though. Valentine’s day kinda sucked until I met you, Amy.

  4. Haha.. I love the memories. They made me reminisce a little bit. I can’t believe you got the tape! Man…that is a dream come true!!

  5. Love your blog Amy!!! Found it through Debby’s. Great stories ;o) Hope you are doing well. I would love to get together with you soon!

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