Man, it’s a little dusty around here!

Let me clean up a little.



(or “undust” per Amelia Bedelia)

Ok, that’s better.

I’m sitting here watching American Idol and decided that it’s about time you all see some action around here. I just realized that I normally (that term is used loosely) blog during Isabelle’s morning nap. When your daughter doesn’t take a morning nap anymore, things need to change. So, in addition to a couple of new volunteer things I do at church, I’m figuring out my new daily schedule!

(Side note: American Idol is cracking me up.)

Moving on.

I am will be working on a 15 month post for Isabelle. It’s a little crazy that she’s that old already.

Good night. I’ve got a fun evening of LOST ahead of me. yay!


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