Hello mr laptop (or is it ms laptop?)

So I’m strangely difficult on my laptop power cord and have now caused two cords to stop working.

I get it bent too much at the top of the cord and eventually expose the wire.  All that to say that over the last week I was waiting for my new power cord in the mail (thank you amazon for saving us a bunch!). Now I have a new power cord and order is restored to our household.

Next step. Downloading all our pictures from Christmas. I didn’t take a single picture with my own camera. I think it’s because my brother got a new camera that was fun to use and in college my roommates and I always took pictures. Of the same thing. If you looked through our stuff we had four sets of the exact picture. So I figured I’d let them take the pictures and get them all before we went home. Except I forgot to transfer them before I packed away my computer in the car so my brother was nice and mailed me 2 CD’s. It’s so much cheaper to have 2 disc’s of digital pictures than to get all that developed. I almost just typed a sigh of relief.

My rambling is for this purpose: pictures are coming soon. And maybe some stories while I’m at it.


3 thoughts on “Hello mr laptop (or is it ms laptop?)

  1. How about the fact that I never once thought to check Amazon for buying a new powercord? My mom vacuumed over mine in October. She went to the Mac store and bought a new one: $75.

    Amazon has the same cord for $44.


  2. I know!! It’s all Tim on this one. I was almost in the store when he called and said he found a cheap one. He never does that! I think the last one I got was $80 so I was pretty happy that I’ve turned my husband into a bargain hunter. 🙂

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