Happy 12th day of the new year!

I like to take a month of blogging every now and then. whoops.

As I’ve seen my stats dwindle, I figured that since about 10 readers are checking my blog now, I should provide some content!

I’ve been on decompress mode since we got back from Christmas. That’s decompressing from the last three months. Yep, I’ve been staying afloat since about October.

So, I’ll get some pictures up soon, mostly once I get my new power cord for my laptop (that has all my pictures on it).

I leave you with my funny kid story that only Tim and I care about:

Last week Isabelle grabbed an empty wrapper from the couch. I watched her walk into the kitchen and then I heard the cupboard door. She walked back out from the kitchen empty handed. Then she grabbed the second wrapper and this time I followed her. Yep, she has learned to throw things away! Right in the trash can. Now my door is getting kid proofed just to make sure I don’t start losing things!


3 thoughts on “Happy 12th day of the new year!

  1. Kathryn says:

    Amy: I remember (MANY years ago) when Jenni was little, I had a check to the WMU in an envelope on a window ledge above the wastebasket. It went missing–I found it cut into little pieces, IN the wastebasket! Obviously she’d learned to use scissors, so was older than Isabelle. Cute, tho. Glad you’re back! I’m one of the 10 who keep checking on you!

  2. Hmm, it must run in the family to check your blog… =) Espen started doing that with trash a few months ago–yes, cute, and yes, scary!

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