I’m like a surgeon, but for vacuums

A couple of months ago I started to notice that my vacuum wasn’t working very well. I wasn’t 100% sure, since it seemed to be doing an ok job.

I took the bottom cover off several times and didn’t see anything weird so I just kept trying.

Then last month I got tired of feeling like my floor was dirtier after vacuuming than before I had started, so I investigated.

This time I decided to check and see if there was a clog in the pipe. I followed all the directions and opened up the vacuum.

This is what I found (warning: the following picture may be disturbing, I’m sorry you have to see my vacuum this way…)

Yes, that pile of dirt and who knows what was in about a 3 inch area as the base of the tube. Seriously. You’d think it’d take more than a month and a half to figure that out!

Clogs that that don’t create themselves, so what was the culprit?

I give you exhibit A:

I’m still trying to decide if the paper clip was in this shape when vacuumed, or if the suction process deformed it.

Thankfully I didn’t take the vacuum into the store to get it fixed and have to hear what the repairmen would have said about this one!


3 thoughts on “I’m like a surgeon, but for vacuums

  1. Mom says:

    Mary Kyle would be proud of you!! Not to have a paperclip in your vacuum but for investigating and cleaning it out.

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